Capel Manor Display

Take an overgrown greenhouse, some spectacular plants, and expertise and enthusiasm from Branch members and students and you have our great display of cacti and succulents at Capel Manor College, our regular meeting place.

Capel Manor College is a horticultural college surrounded by extensive gardens. We have been working with students to transform part of one greenhouse into a desert display area.

The plants are mature specimens, which can no longer be housed in private collections, and have been donated for the display by BCSS members or from the Capel back collection.

The original planting area has recently been extended and we are adding a range of succulents mainly from Africa. All the tropical plants have now been removed and part of the greenhouse is now devoted to Australian arid plants.

The gardens are open to the public every day during the summer (weekdays only from November to February) and the greenhouse is well worth a visit.

See the Capel Manor Gardens website.